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Yankee BBQ

Yankee BBQ Registration - Saturday June 11, 2016

Details about the Yankee BBQ can be found here.
**If you are playing in the tournament, you and your partner both need to register and list each other as partners (unless your partner is a guest/non-member).
Note that outdoor tournament levels are not the same as indoor ratings.
Roughly speaking most players end up in these ranges for doubles:
B -> for C- and C level indoor players
BB -> for C/C+ indoor players
A -> for C+/B- indoor players
AA -> for B-/B indoor players
Open -> for B and above indoor players
You can see who has signed up so far as a Google spreadsheet here.
Or view as a web page:

No dogs allowed.


Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages onto the property

Volunteers needed!!!
We definitely need people to help set up beforehand and help take things down and clean up at the end of the day. Please contact Mark Archibald or Jeffry Powell if you are able and willing to help out.

Member Information (Note; this portion of the page may take a moment to load)

Select the member who is registering:
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Tournament type:
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Tournament Level:
 B   BB (coed only)  A   AA (coed only)  Open (coed only)
Will bring an outdoor net system:
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Partner's name ***
*** If you and your partner BOTH list each other as partners for the tournament when you register, you will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament requested if you both check-in by 9:00.  If you sign up without a partner, that is fine too. We will attempt to match you up with someone if possible. If this is not possible you will still be able to play on the open nets even though you will not be in the tournament.



Guest Information

Name of guest ($5 fee collected at gate) (Note, if your guest is a Full Season Yankee Member, please have them register separately.)
Participating in the tournament?
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Level of tournament and type participating in:
 B   BB (coed only)  A   AA (coed only)  Open (coed only)
 Coed   Men  Women
Number of Children 12 and under who will participate in the BBQ (FREE):
Number of Children OVER 12  who will participate in the BBQ ($5 per):
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